Monday, August 8, 2011

Miranda July's Newest Film - The Future - in LA Only (at the moment)

Miranda July is on the short-list of my favorite contemporary artists. Not only is she an accomplished writer, conceptual artist, performance artist, and video artist who explores intense and evocative themes and formal styles, she's also an accomplished filmmaker in the Hollywood arena. She's now following up her debut Hollywood film, You Me and Everyone We Know, with a second venture into feature-length film making with new film titled, The Future.

I was thrilled to hear this film, that had previous only been screened at non-local museums and festivals, was making its debut in theaters. Unfortunately, at the moment, it's only screening in LA (and NY).

The Future opened in LA on July 29th and is playing now (screening times).
*The trailer can be seen here*

ALSO her work is on display at MOCA's Pacific Design Center: 7.23.11 - 10.23.11 in exhibition, ELEVEN HEAVY THINGS, showcases works created for the Venice Biennale.

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