Monday, August 22, 2011

Dante The Sea Monkey - TEASER VIDEO

Dante's greatest sin?
Aspiring to be a famous artist.

Join Dante, the Sea Monkey, as he travels through The Inferno's portion of The Divine Comedy with his artist spirit guide, Miranda July.

In this version of The Inferno, everyone is an artist, actor, singer, writer, poet, or creative character of some sort.

This is the first 45 seconds of a long-term animation project that was inspired by my Sea Monkey, Dante (the 1st). I am currently on Dante III, "D3", the third iteration of single alpha male Sea Monkey and he continues to confuse and inspire me.

Sea Monkeys ARE really weird; from cryptobiosis to Space Shuttle Missions, they are perhaps not of this world...​wiki/​Sea-Monkeys

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