Friday, March 4, 2011

Manzanas - all female group exhibition @ Voz Alta, Sat March 5th

Manzanas @ Voz Alta, 3-3-11

In honor of Women's History Month, Voz Alta presents an exhibition featuring the work of (at least) 18 women of all ages, races, and working in all manner of genres from painting to sculpture to video.

"Voz Alta Project Gallery celebrates Women in Art by bringing together and showcasing over a dozen fierce female artists whose work varies from painting and mixed media to photography. Show includes works by Dolores Rios, Berenice Badillo, Selina Lugo, Mariana Raquel, Iris (Roots Gente), Dina Bedenko, Mariana Palafox, Analucia Ordonez, Patty Alaniz, Irene Castruita, Amberlee, Irma Aguayo, Claudia Gomez de Zepeda, Michelle Sierra, Ixchel Tapia, Tiffany Swenke, Ana Brown, Erica Ramirez, Katherine Sweetman, Carla Naden, , Aileen Reyes and more to be announced. Don't miss the opportunity to celebrate the power of Women in Art."

Video is me. I will be exhibiting video.

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  1. Very cool! We'll try to stop by and check it out :)