Thursday, February 24, 2011

N-GOM: Teen Producers Video Shoot

Set against the backdrop of the art installation by Guy Lombardo, wearing the fashion designs (jewelery and gowns) by Anjela Piccard, the models were stunning in the post-apocalyptic-themed setting.

Team N-Gom was extremely lucky to get the MEDIA ART CENTER San Diego's Teen Producers to shoot amazing footage for our N-Gom is the Future fashion video (coming soon!).

Teen Producers, Dulce Martinez, Paloma Arias, and Trevor Seines participated in two all-day Saturday workshops with their fabulous instructor, Jodi Cilley, and organizer, Katherine Sweetman, to create the vision for the video, organize the shoot, and film our lovely and gorgeous models: Anna Weeks and Kla-Bada.

About the Teen Producers Project

"Since 2001, the Teen Producers Project has helped convert scores of at-risk youth into motivated young film producers. The program has helped them to create more than 500 short films that document their lives and their communities. These young filmmakers also learn the practical skills associated with multimedia production and build self-esteem while experiencing the thrill of creating something tangible." - from MEDIA ARTS CENTER San Diego webstie

Also on hand for the shoot hairdresser William Williams with assistants, Mirza Batanovic and Mary Sinnett. Make-Up Artist Luisa Fernanda was in charge of make up, and of course Anjela Piccard was there to help oversee shoot, arrange fashion, and direct designs.

Photographer and Designer, Michelle Bassler helped us out with stunning photographs of the models.

The shoot(s) video and photo both went extremely well.

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