Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Road to the Cage On Demand and On Xfinity

Road to the Cage 3D - available  On Demand and On Xfinity 3D

"Road to the Cage 3D" follows two MMA fighters for 30 days on the rigorous mental and physical journey to the culminating main event-- the cage fight

Once labeled "human cockfighting" by Senator John McCain, Mixed Martial Arts, AKA "cage fighting", is the extremely popular, nonetheless controversial, full contact sport that combines ancient fighting arts with modern combat techniques. This contemporary hybrid attracts fighters with extremely diverse background and ambitions. Some are in it for the money, some for the glory, some for the girls, some for the thrill of stepping in to a real-life cage match, but all are in it to win. In each episode of this 3D reality series, the audience will meet two opposing MMA fighters 30 days before they fight and follow them through their daily lives, through their training camps, into their homes, and into the cage for a face-off the see who will walk away with the win.

Watch it on demand: Time Warner, Cox, Bright House and live Xfinity 3D
More Info: imdb Facebook, website

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