Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fuck me. Blow me. Spank me. READ ME

That's how Sex †, the first single by the Electronic Love Punk group Mascara Monsters, begins. Then, viewers are immediately and intimately invited into the video with a disorienting tight shot of a crotch, black lace panties, and then a hand down those panties. And although we get to see a mouth drooling cum in the first 30 seonds of the video, the climax doesn't hit us until we see this whole video IN 3D! Yes, in 3D. Break out your red and blue, "anaglyph", 3D glasses boys and girls because this is a strange and sensual, nipple sucking, cock rubbing experience that looks its best in full-screen 3D. Has someone cornered the market on 3D Porn yet? Sex † is pornographic in nature, but it's also bizarrely creepy. Think Doctor Who meets The Cabinet of Doctor Caligairi meets playing doctor with a Suicide Girl. Leia Gadow, the stunning, and haunting female vocalist delivers her shameless lyrics wearing mainly just spiral projections, flashing lights, glitter, and tattoos. Mascara Monsters "We wanted it [the 3D] to contribute to the psychedelic aspect of the video since sometimes a sexual experience can feel very surreal and drug-like," Leia told me when I ask why the choice was made to shoot the video in 3D. "Also it was just another challenge we wanted to conquer -- just like trying our hand at the music." The Mascars Monsters' music project may be a first, but the duo behind it, Leia Gadow and Brandon Gadow, are also the masterminds behind Scumbag Movies. With seven feature length films, one short film, and seven music videos under their belt, film and video projects are nothing new to the couple. It's in their bones. But so is the sexy and dark, twisted aesthetic they exemplify in their work. Scumbag Movies website states, "Our guerrilla films are for people looking for something bizarre and outside the box office." And that's exactly what you get-- a strange and deviant really. Sexual deviancy, social deviancy, and religious deviancy are themes that push their way into all of the Scumbag Movies, and this spills over into Sex †. The most striking image from the video is Leia singing the "fuck me, blow me, spank me..."-chorus with a otherworldly cross of light projected across her face, a symbol not typically given out to young ladies singing about their desire to get fucked, but creates the most mysterious and ethereal shot in the video. Mascara Monsters Sex † is a wild ride and a free music project. Downloads are free. Videos can be seen for free. If you're ready, if you're not afraid, if you're into The Strange, check out Mascara Monsters. I should mention that there is a 2D version of this video available as well. But I contend that unless you're missing an eye, watch Sex † in bright and brilliant 3D. Find Mascara Monsters on vimeo.com/mascaramonsters Find Mascara Monsters on facebook.com/mascaramonsters Find Mascara Monsters on Soundcloud.com/mascarsmonsters Find Mascara Monsters on Twitter @MascaraMonsters Article from from punkglobe: http://punkglobe.com/mascaramonstersarticle0612.php
  video: https://vimeo.com/40736711

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