Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Watch List 2012: San Diego City Beat

I was included in City Beats' 2012 Watch List... along with the likes of Tea Party veteran, Nick Popaditch, "
Musical-instrument thieves" and "your old drug dealer" because ... all these people are people you'll have to watch out for in 2012.

City Beat describes the list:

"While other local media outlets like to slather prominent citizens with a layer of sticky-sweet prose and then throw a big party where everyone pats each other on the back, we’re providing a different service. We’ve compiled a list of folks whose presence in 2012 should fill you with a sense of dread or, at least, guarded concern. Do keep an eye out for these mischievous characters. And if you’re on the list, it’s best to take it with a sense of humor."

But there are others on the list that I'm honored to serve with : Alexander Salazar, Seth Combs, Guy Lombardo, and Jon Block.

So... City Beat sais this about me:

Katherine Sweetman: Artist and filmmaker Sweetman punked The San Diego Union-Tribune when the paper asked her, and other local artists, to blog for free on its website after the newspaper fired longtime art critic Robert Pincus. Saying yes, she gained access to the U-T site and posted a resignation and scathing criticism questioning the paper’s motives. These days, Sweetman’s writing about art for Reviewer Magazine, calling art fairs “dirty whores” and posting photos of artwork with messages like “Fuck off art cunts.” We watch Sweetman because it’s fun.

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