Tuesday, August 3, 2010


GRINGOS LIVING IN TIJUANA is a feature-length documentary film that provides a glimpse into the lives of seven, very unusual inhabitants of the city of Tijuana, Mexico. Derrik, Gerda, Jodi, Jason, Michael, Iana, and Jenny are not Hispanic, and they don't exactly appear as though they would "blend in" in the Mexican border town that has been called one the most dirty and dangerous cities of North America. Yet this film follows these gringos, in their daily activities, while they show and explain why they chose to live in the city they love-- Tijuana.

¡Jesus Cristo!
I have been working on this film for way too long... over a year. Last spring, sometime after I began thinking of moving to Tijuana, I became fascinated with those other non-Hispanic individuals who lived there. I think I got the idea and started filming in June. I shot the film very quickly. I think it took about 2 weeks in total. And I intended on editing it that fast as well. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way. Months past... then the one-year anniversary rolled around. I had it more-or-less edited, but I still felt like I needed a few more shots, some man on the street interviews in San Diego, some more pick-up shots. I did those and then I kept wanting more. I suppose as some point you just have to let go. So I decided to let go. Call it finished and start to show it.

The film is about 55 minutes. I am looking for venues to screen it. The first screening will probably be at La Casa del Tunel sometime in August.

This is a 15-minute cut.
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Gringos Living in Tijuana from Katherine Sweetman on Vimeo.

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