Saturday, May 22, 2010

The StoreFRONT project revisited

The StoreFRONT Project: revisted

Today I am meeting with Alexander Jarman to discuss the continuation of The StoreFRONT Project.

San Diego, California 2010 -- The StoreFront Project aims to help stop declining neighborhood property values by improving the appearance of empty storefronts while giving local artists the opportunity to exhibit their work with a prominent and public display.

In an attempt to solve two important and diverse problems: 1) Vacant store fronts driving down property values of both the neighborhood and of the vacant establishment, and 2) Local visual artists lacking sufficient exhibition space, The StoreFRONT project will negotiate terms and conditions for temporary artist exhibitions in empty storefronts around San Diego. These exhibits will improve the appearance of the vacant business; decrease the chances for graffiti and vandalism, and improving the marketability of the property. The StoreFRONT project will also facilitate minor repairs to the facades and interiors of the empty buildings.

The StoreFRONT project will improve the appearance of local neighborhoods, communities, and individual properties by inserting interesting work into the windows of vacant properties. It will engage the local arts community by calling for site specific works that conform to the needs of the space and the business owner. It will also reduce the chances for graffiti and vandalism on vacated properties. Having active displays in local storefronts properties helps keep a neighborhood safer, more lively, and will keep the property value from unnecessary decline.

The StoreFONT project can help businesses:
1) Improve the marketability of a vacant property
2) Do free minor repairs and painting to the vacant property
3) Get the space noticed!

Low Risk for Businesses:
The StoreFRONT project will find artists with the skills and desire to fix up the storefront facade and exhibit their work. The work, installation and de-installation will all be completed under supervision of leading members of The StoreFRONT Project. Except for installation and de-installation, no one will be on the business premises. The artwork will be viewed from the street only.

Benefit for Artists:
San Diego lacks sufficient gallery space for local artists. And unfortunately, many local galleries are forced to show only work that they think will sell. With this type of exhibition space, other types of non-commercial works can be shown. Depending on the type of storefront and the wishes of the business owner, artist could display diverse types of work including video, audio, sculptural, installation, and other types of work that is not traditionally "marketable" art.

About The StoreFRONT project:
The StoreFRONT project was begun in May 2009 by a group of local artists, gallery owners, and arts writers in San Diego. We are passionate about arts promotion and about our city. We are contemporary visual artists, curating and creating compelling exhibitions for storefront windows of temporarily vacant San Diego storefront windows. We have a respected and accomplished Board of Advisors including architects, professors, public artists, and legal counselors, and we are fully insured.

We are presently seeking vacant storefronts and businesses that might be interested in our free services.

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