Monday, November 16, 2009


____________EMAIL FROM THE YES MEN________

Dear San Diego friends,

Our film, The Yes Men Fix the World, is coming to The Gaslamp Theater
(701 5th Ave between G St & F St) beginning this Friday November 20th.
The only way we can fill the seats is if you tell your friends. Email,
Facebook, Tweet! This is a date movie: take a date! Take ten dates!
Here's why we need your help: We made a film that racked up awards
(Berlin Film Fest, Grierson Award, etc) and great reviews. But when it
came to distribution, we were faced with a devil's bargain: get a
modest advertising budget and lose control of the film, or distribute
the movie ourselves, with nothing but sweat and goodwill - but use the
film however we want to promote a movement. So far, we feel we've made
the right choice. The film did great in New York, and we've been
working with activist groups nationwide to promote their causes with
the film - and they've even led audiences into the streets on several
( We can't lead a riot
after each screening, but we do still hope the film and its message of
inspiration get out there... so please do check it out starting
Friday! Our website for the film is
One more thing: if you know the photo editors of the local papers, or
TV/radio people, perhaps you can help us by encouraging them to run
stills from the film, or to give us some extra ink! Feel free to pass
on their contacts or hand them our email. Or, if you happen to know of
local mailing lists we should ask to send out a notice, please do
Mike Bonanno
The Yes Men
ps. to sign up for direct action on climate change see, there is much to be done soon!

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