Tuesday, October 20, 2009

HIT Southwestern Biennial Faculty Show (2009)

(When Google is used as a verb it should it be capitalized?)

Sometimes, I google things to check on their credibility.

Google tells me nothing about "HIT Southwestern Biennial Faculty Show (2009)", and yet it was the best attended art opening I have been to in... a while (and I go to a fair amount of art openings)

ALL the faculty seemed to be there. ALL their students seemed to be there. There were young kids, teenagers, and old folks. Perhaps the most interesting thing was everyone was was TALKING and INTERACTING with the work. The on-lookers laughed, pointed, took notes, chatted with each other and chatted with the artists too.

Geroge Essex was a show stealer.
An artist in full garb (of some kind).

His work humorous piece, Making Myths 101, was also a show big hit.

Michael Jackson as the virgin mother-- a delightful and frightening experience...

The oil painting has a ceramic kind of frame and is covered in glitter. Below was a shrine.

When I took the artists' photograph he ask me if I worked for the school newspaper.

Some other highlights?

Who knew that Brian Dick taught at Southwestern?

I told Brian I was teaching at Southwestern too. He said, "Katherine, we need to get out of San Diego."

Tony Allard set up a piece that was a smaller version of his huge installation that was up in the same gallery last year, The Media Stream.

There was pretty much no publicity for the show, but given that the school has also just cut 25% of their classes (and faculty), that's understandable. It may also be part of the reason the show is conspicuously absent from Google's grasp.

As part of the opening festivities, Lynn Susholtz gave a great talk about her work and how she maintains being an "artist" in many aspects of her life.

Who knew I taught at Southwestern?
(had to throw that in there, right?)

I finally edited a video project I have been working on --- a full video taxonomy of the penises at the Louvre. ALL of them (from the Permanent Collection). It took me the good part of 4 days to do that.

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